Forest - Stay focused App Reviews

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Motivation pur

Tolle App, bringt ungestörte Lernphasen!!

Pretty good

If only I could whitelist certain study apps on my iPhone version :<

Great app, need one for desktop

Would love to see a desktop/web version of it

Really nice!

It helps me a lot to do all my work! I dont want to kill my tree so I never leave the app....:3

Very good

This is a very smart idea and really helps motivate you to stay focused! It has a nice layout and helpful features to track your progress. It would be really excellent if it had a Mac desktop version!

Effective and cute

Really glad I got this one. :)


I love this. Its fantastic. Long live Forest!

Decent but limited use.

I find Forest useful for just one important thing: encouraging absolute concentration to my task at hand by discouraging me from using the source of most of my distractions. I dont use it all the time. I dont use it regularly. But I do use it when focusing is the most important thing to do.


Really useful for when I dont want to touch my phone.

Great concept, keeps me focused and motivated!

I never want to kill the tree, so I never use my phone! It really curbs distraction, and I feel so accomplished when I have a bunch of trees in my forest!

Only app that keeps me focused

This is the only focus timer app Ive tried that motivates me to stay off my phone and focused - I dont want to kill the tree! It would be nice to be able to continue growing trees - for example if it takes 120 mins for the tree to get to its final form, Id like to be able to select that tree and continue growing it for the day in smaller increments. It would go nicely with the tagging function and would motivate returning to the same task. Plus, I hate that I cant ever see the trees in final form if I work in 30 minute increments!


Helps you stay focused!



Really Good

Always with it

Nice app

It keeps me focus on important things. Sometimes I leave phone to focus on reality:-)


One of the best applications Ive got. It helps a lot to be more focused, thank you so very much!

Great, but

will there be an iPad support?

Great idea and

great realisation! Yet, I have two suggestions: 1. Could you only correct the way the menu appears: Now, I click on the menu, it expands, I select an option, but when I come back, I see the menu collapsed into the menu home sign again. I would like to have the menu expanded so that I could choose another option, without clicking on the menu home sign again. 2. I dont quite get why there is an authorization, but if you think it is needed, could you please explain what the user will get from it and could you also introduce an authorization via social network sites?

Cant change the language

I dont know why, Im trying everything but I really cant change the language to English (instead of Chinese)

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