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Motivation pur

Tolle App, bringt ungestörte Lernphasen!!

Great Motivation for not checking phone!

I love the fact I can save up to plant a real tree. Creating new habits and changing the planet too!

Good, but some advice

You should make 3 apps we can choose and then use while the tree is growing. I study languages and I have a dictionary app I really need. Also, a lot of people use spotify. Please try to add this. Anyway, nice app.

Nice app

It keeps me focus on important things. Sometimes I leave phone to focus on reality:-)

Cute and helpful

Cute way to track how much work Ive done and to remind me to not use my phone. Sometimes while working I pick up my phone and unlock but then I see the tree and refocus.

Awesome Pomodoro Type App

I love this app. When I use it (which Ill admit Im not super consistent but thats on me, not the app) I get so much more done! I really enjoy the graphics and planting a tree while working is pretty gratifying. My favorite is the Cherry Tree (or at least I think thats the English/American term for it). Im also super glad theyve included a break option. You have to choose the time yourself but it stays there once you do, so its not bad. The Achievements are a fantastic new feature! Im currently focused on getting at least that 3 Day Total Time Achievement if not the 7-Day Streak. Not to mention, you can help plant real-life trees in certain areas of the globe... Thats pretty awesome! Wow I rambled... Sorry. But you wont be sorry for getting this app!

Life Saver!

Really does keep me focused! Whether Im practicing piano, doing homework, or writing fanfiction, Forest is great and engages me with the motive of growing my trees. Now, I actually want to do homework so I can rack up some more minutes!

Brilliant app

Forest made a huge difference in my life. I always had problems focusing on tasks but now I feel Ive done so many things because I simply want my forest to be full of trees! Might sound strange but it really works. Im reading more often, working on my projects constantly and just spending more time away from my phone which had a huge impact on my productivity. Thanks a lot


Should not be $1.99.

Really Good

Always with it

Keeps me focused

I tell my friends "Im growing a tree" when Im using forest to study. This sets the expectations that I will not be responsive for 30m. Great idea and execution. Update: The new Big Forest is exactly what Ive been wanting. Allows tracking at a glance.

Great productivity app

The possibility of a dead forest completely scares me to be productive


My favorite focus app

Absolutely worth it. Everything about this app is charming and it works so smoothly. It genuinely motivates me to stay focused. Treat yourself and live a little. Get this app.

Keeps me consistently working

I use Forest to keep track of my piano practicing. Helps me see how much I really work each day and plan what to do next, keeping me focused while Im practicing. Great app!

Feel good app

you can actually change the setting to keep growing the tree even when you are using the phone.. but obviously using it the way it was intended will bear the best results for those who want to wean off the phone! makes me feel good everytime I can plant a tree. I wish I got reports of some sort, so I can see the evidence to the apps claims.

Does a great job helping me put down the phone

Really positive feedback for my focus. I also like that it allows me to play audio while it runs so I can listen to music from my phone while still focusing on something completely different.

Brilliant idea

Very helpful

Motivating App

Helps me stay focused at work and studying for school. It would be handy if I could change my music without killing my tree, but not being able too just means I dont get distracted too much by choosing different music. Just have to remember to set up what I want before I plant the tree!

Only app that keeps me focused

This is the only focus timer app Ive tried that motivates me to stay off my phone and focused - I dont want to kill the tree! It would be nice to be able to continue growing trees - for example if it takes 120 mins for the tree to get to its final form, Id like to be able to select that tree and continue growing it for the day in smaller increments. It would go nicely with the tagging function and would motivate returning to the same task. Plus, I hate that I cant ever see the trees in final form if I work in 30 minute increments!

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